To the Parents

What is being in Alpha Chi Omega like?

In Alpha Chi Omega, our goal is to help every one of our sisters become a real, strong woman. We are a group of girls who truly care for one another and we want to help each other succeed in every way possible. One of the things I love most about being in this sisterhood is the fact that no matter what, I can count on my sisters for anything. Being in Alpha Chi Omega is like having 70 real sisters who genuinely care about who you are.


How much of a time commitment is Alpha Chi Omega?

While there are some mandatory events throughout the year, being in Alpha Chi Omega is extremely manageable. In fact, one of the things we are most proud of is how involved our sisters are on campus and in the community. We encourage our sisters to be involved not only in leadership positions within our sorority, but also in leadership positions across campus. Therefore, it is pretty clear that although being in a sorority is a time commitment, there is still plenty of time for everyone to pursue other interests. 


How will my daughter keep her grades up while being in Alpha Chi Omega?

Despite what is portrayed in motion pictures and the media, Greek Life at Stetson holds its members to high standards when it comes to academics. The GPA of students in Greek Life is actually higher than the average student at Stetson, which is something that we are very proud of. In Alpha Chi Omega, academics are especially important and we have a position on our executive board dedicated specifically to helping our sisters maintain their grades. This VP helps sisters find tutors, shares study tips, and hosts study hours in the sorority house where we can all come together and do school work. Our dedication to academics has proven to be successful because this spring, we were given the title of Highest GPA in Stetson Greek Life, which is really exciting for all of us. 


What are the values of Alpha Chi Omega?

Alpha Chi Omega has many values that we all hold in high regard. We pride ourselves in maintaining our 5 membership standards, which are academic interest, character, financial responsibility, leadership ability, and personal development. Our goal is to help our sisters achieve every one of these standards and become strong young women in the process. We also value wisdom, devotion, and achievement in every aspect of life and our sisterhood. 


After reading through these questions and answers, I hope you have a better understanding of who the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega are and what we stand for. Your daughter has made a wonderful decision by joining our sisterhood and we could not be more excited to welcome her into our organization.


                                                                      - Madeline Speck MC '17 

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